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鉄道(欧州編) Railways in Europe

Gallery of European Railways.

・オランダの駅一覧 Dutch Railway Stations

I would like to introduce Dutch Railway Stations in Province wise. All maps here are modified from Dutch Railway (NS) timetable.

- Province van Friesland / フリースラント州
- Province van Groningen / フローニンヘン州
- Province van Drente / ドレンテ州
- Province van Overijsel / オーファーアイセル州
- Province van Flevoland / フレフォラント州
- Province van Utrecht / ユトレヒト州
- Province van Gelderland / ヘルダーラント州
- Province van Noord-Holland / 北ホラント州
- Province van Zuid-Holland / 南ホラント州
- Province van Zeeland / ゼーラント州
- Province van Noord-Brabant / 北ブラバント州
- Province van Limburg / リンブルフ州

・Province van Friesland フリースラント州

Friesland, located at northern Netherlands, has own language. Station name is also in Dutch and Frisian.



フリースラント州の州都レーワールデン 2017年4月22日撮影
Leeuwarden, the capital of Friesland Province. Photo on 22 Apr, 2017

Harlingen / Haringen Haven

Harlingen  Harlingen Haven
(右)線路は隣のHarlingen Havenまで伸び、離島航路と接続。2006年6月24日撮影
(left)Harlingen, "Harns" in Frisian, is a base port for herring fishing. Impressive white station building.
(right)Railway continues to next station "Harlingen Haven", where ferryboat is connected for islands. Photo on 24 Jun, 2006

Sneek / Stavoren

Sneek  Stavoren
(left)The National Model Railway Museum (Het Nationaal Modelspoor Museum) is attached to Sneek (Snits in Frisian) station .
(right)Stavoren (Starum in Frisian) is a terminus railway station. There is a boat service for Enkhuizen. Photo on 28 May, 2006
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・Province van Groningen / フローニンヘン州
・Province van Drente / ドレンテ州

Groningen and Drente are located at the northernmost part of the Netherlands, and faced to German border.

Groningen / Roodenschool

groningen  roodenschool
(left)Groningen is a capital city of the Province. Magnificent brick-made station building. Photo on 7 Dec, 2003.
(right)Roodenschool is the northernmost railway station in the Netherlands. Freight railway continues to near harbour. Photo on 25 Jun, 2006

Delfzijl / Nieuwschans

delfzijl  nieuweschans
(left)Delfzijl is a town of alminium and chemical plant. Ems river is the German border. Photo on 25 Jun, 2006.
(right)Nieuweschans is the easternmost railway station in the Netherlands. Single track railway continues to German territory. Photo on 25 Jun, 2006

Assen / Emmen

assen  emmen
(右)終着駅、Emmen。かつては線路がさらに北に延びていた。駅舎にNederlandse Spoorwegen(オランダ国鉄)と書いてあるのはドイツ国境が近いからか? 2006年4月8日撮影
(left)Assen is the capital of Province Drente. Unique station building is impressive. Photo on 8 Apr, 2006.
(right)A terminus station, Emmen. Railway continued onward in a northerly direction previously. The signage of "Nederlandse Spoorwegen" (Dutch Railway) can be seen. Is it because the station is close to German border? Photo on 8 Apr, 2006

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・Province van Overijsel / オーファーアイセル州
・Province van Flevoland / フレフォラント州

Overijsel is located at eastern part of the Netherlands, and it means lands across Ijsel river.
Flevoland is newly created in 1989 by land reclamation of Zuiderzee.

Zwolle / Kampen

zwolle  kampen
(left)Zwolle is the capital of Province Overijsel. Photo on 18 Nov, 2006.
(right)Kampen is the terminus station of a branch line from Zwolle. It is an old Hanseatic city during Middle Ages. Photo on 7 Oct, 2007

Lelystad Centrum

フレフォラント州の州都レリスタットの玄関口 Lelystad Centrum. レリスタットは干拓の功労者コルネリス・レリの名に因んでいる。
Leystad Centrum is a gateway to Lelystad, the capital of Flevoland. Lelystad is named after Cornelis Lely, who acted great roll on reclamation of this city.

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・Province van Utrecht / ユトレヒト州
・Province van Gelderland / ヘルダーラント州

Located at the middle of the Netherlands, Province van Utrecht is the key junction of transportation.
Once upon a time, Gelderland was a Duchy in the Holy Roman Empire

Utrecht Centraal

utrecht1  utrecht2
(left)Taking geographical advantage, Dutch Railway(NS) locates its headquarter at Utrecht. Photo on 5 Aug, 2007.
(right)Many trains gather from all over the Netherlands, Utrecht Centraal Station has many platforms. Photo on 5 Aug, 2007

Amersfoort / Baarn

amersfoort  baarn
(left)Amersfoort, the 2nd largest city in Province Utrecht. Super-modern station building. Photo on 13 Nov, 2006.
(right)Baarn station has a tiny building, and there is direct train to/from Utrecht. Photo on 25 May, 2006.

Rhenen / Arnhem

rhenen  arnhem
(left)Rhenen, the terminus station of the single track electrified Veenendaal Line. Photo on 18 Dec, 2006.
(right)Arnhem, the capital city of Province Gelderland. A fierce battlefield of WWII, famous for the movie "A Bridge Too Far". Photo on 5 Aug, 2007.

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・Province van Noord-Holland / 北ホラント州

Noord-Holland is a peninsula, located on the Northwest part of the Netherlands, and Dutch Capital city, Amsterdam is located on this province.

Amsterdam Centraal / Schiphol

amsterdam  schiphol
(左)ネオゴシック様式の駅舎で有名なAmsterdam Centraal駅。2003年7月19日撮影
(left)Amsterdam Centraal is famous for the neo-gothic style station building. Photo on 19 Jul, 2003.
(right)Schiphol is the gateway of the Netherlands by air. Originally, it was shallow water area, and Schiphol means "ship's hell", as many ships agounded here. Photo on 11 Aug, 2007.

Den Helder / Hoorn

den helder  hoorn
(左)北ホラント州最北端、Den Helderは海軍の要衝。2007年10月7日撮影
(left)Den Helder is a Naval base town, located at the northernmost point of Noord-Holland. Photo on 7 Oct, 2007.
(right)Hoorn was one of the important harbour for Dutch East India Company (VOC). Cape Horn, the southernmost point of Americas, is named after this town. Photo on 22 Apr, 2007.


Enkhuizen, a port in Ijsel Sea has a regular service to Stavoren. Photo on 22 Apr, 2017.

Haarlem / Zandvoort aan Zee

haarlem  zandvoort
(右)ハーレムからの支線の終点、Zandvoort aan Zee。アムステルダムから直通の列車もあるビーチリゾート。2007年8月5日撮影
(left)Haarlem is the Capital of Noord-Holland. It has been major trading city since Middle Ages, and first Dutch railway was launched between Amsterdam and Haarlem. Photo on 5 Aug, 2007.
(right)Zandvoort aan Zee is the terminus of a branch line from Haarlem. It is a beach resort town, and direct train services are available from Amsterdam. Photo on 5 Aug, 2007.

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・Province van Zuid-Holland / 南ホラント州

Zuid-Holland is the most populated Province in the Netherlands, and an industrial center with Europort, the European largest port.

Den Haag Centraal (CS) / Den Haag Hollands Spoor (HS)

den haag CS  den haag HS
(左)国際都市ハーグの終着駅 Den Haag Centraal。2007年8月5日撮影
(右)ベルギー・フランス方面の国際列車は、Den Haag CentraalではなくDen Haag Hollands Spoor駅に停車。2007年8月5日撮影
(left)Den Haag Centraal is the terminus station of the international city, The Hague. Photo on 5 Aug, 2007.
(right)All international trains for Belgium and France stops at Den Haag Hollands Spoor, not Den Haag Centraal. Photo on 5 Aug, 2007.

Rotterdam Centraal / Rotterdam Hofplain

rotterdam CS  rotterdam hofplein
(左)オランダ第2の都市、ロッテルダムの玄関口Rotterdam Centraal駅。2007年8月11日撮影
(右)ハーグからのHofplein線の終点、Rotterdam Hofplein。地下鉄乗り入れのため、2010年に廃止。2006年6月3日撮影
(left)Rotterdam Centraal is the gateway to the second largest city in the Netherlands. Photo on 11 Aug, 2007.
(right)Rotterdam Hofplein is the terminus station of the Hofplein line from The Hague. Closed down in 2010, as the line was rerouted through Metro. Photo on 3 Jun, 2006.

Leiden Centraal / Delft

leiden CS  delft
(左)Leiden Centraalは大学都市ライデンの玄関口。シーボルトコレクションを所蔵する国立民族学博物館が有名。2007年6月2日撮影
(left)Leiden Centraal is the gateway of the city of university, and famous for National Museum of Ethnology and its Siebold's Japanese collections. Photo on 2 Jun, 2006.
(right)Delft is the town of pottery and Institute of Technology. Dutch royal family's burial vault is at Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) in this town. Photo on 22 Sep, 2007.

Hoek van Holland Haven / Hoek van Holland Strand

hoek van holland haven  hoek van holland strand
(左)英国へのフェリーターミナルに接続するHoek van Holland Haven駅。かつてはここからモスクワに行く国際列車も存在した。2007年1月28日撮影
(右)マース川の河口、北海の海岸に面するHoek van Holland Strand。駅舎も無いシンプルな終着駅。2007年1月28日撮影
(left)Hoek van Holland Haven is connected to the ferry terminal for UK service. Once upon a time, there was an international train bound for Moscow from this station. Photo on 28 Jan, 2007.
(right)Hoek van Holland Strand is located close to the mouth of Maas River and North Sea beach. A simple terminus without station building. Photo on 28 Jan, 2007.

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・Province van Zeeland / ゼーラント州

Zeeland means Sea Land. New Zealand is named after this province.


middelburg1  middelburg2
(left)Middelburg is the capital of Zeeland.
(right)The bridge over the canal in front of the station is a swivel bridge. Photo on 5 Aug, 2007.


Vlissingen (English name: Flushing) is the terminus of Zeeuwse Line. It is alos the westernmost station in the Netherlands. Photo on 5 Aug, 2007.

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・Province van Noord-Brabant / 北ブラバント州

Noord-Brabant is located at the southern part of the Netherlands. Brabant was once a Duchy, and its territory was Dutch-Belgian border region.

's-Hertogenbosch / Eindhoven

's-Hertogenbosch  eindhoven
(左)北ブラバント州の州都's-Hertogenbosch。「伯爵の森」の意。Den Boschと略されるが駅名は's-Hertogenbosch。2007年2月4日撮影
(left)'s-Hertogenbosch is the capital of Noord-Brabant. It means "The Duke's Forest", and shorten as Den Bosch. However, station name itself is not shorten, but 's-Hertogenbosch. Photo on 4 Feb, 2007.
(right)Eindhoven is the largest city in Noord-Brabant. Famous for Philips Electronics, which locates headquarter here. The statue of Dr.Philips is placed in front of the station. Photo on 18 Jul, 2006.

Roosendaal / Oss

roosendaal  oss
(left)Roosendaal is a border station, and all trains from Belgium change track here from right to left side. Photo on 5 Aug, 2007.
(right)Oss is the shortest station name in the Netherlands. Photo on 29 Jan, 2007.

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・Province van Limburg / リンブルフ州

Limburg is the southernmost province in the Netherlands, alongside with River Maas.

Maastricht / Eijsden

maastricht  eijsden
(left)Maastricht is the capital of Limburg. The Treaty of Maastricht in 1992 was the histrical step for foundation of EU. Photo on 18 Jun, 2006.
(right)Eijsden is the southernmost station in the Netherlands. Railway continues further for Belgian territory. Photo on 19 Feb, 2006.

Venlo / Kerkrade Centrum

maastricht  eijsden
(右)Heuvelland線の終点 Kerkrade Centrum。更に保存鉄道のZLSMがSchin op Geulまで伸びている。2006年6月18日撮影
(left)Venlo is the border town faced to Germany. Maas-Wupper-Express train operated by DB (German Railway) comes here. Photo on 18 Jun, 2006.
(right)Kerkrade Centrum is the terminus of the Heuvelland Line. Preserved railway ZLSM continues further to Schin op Geul. Photo on 18 Jun, 2006.

Schin op Geul / Valkenburg

maastricht  eijsden
(左)Schin op GeulはHeuvelland線とアーヘン方面の乗換駅だったが、後者は廃止され、保存鉄道のZLSMが引継ぎレールバス(Schienenbus) が姿を見せる。2006年6月18日撮影
(left)Schin op Geul was the junction of the Heuvelland Line and the branch line for Aachen. The latter was taken over by preserved railway ZLSM, and its railbus (Schienenbus) can be seen. Photo on 18 Jun, 2006.
(right)Valkenburg attracts tourists. The stone-made station building is impressive like a castle. Photo on 18 Jun, 2006.

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