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鉄道(アジア編) Railways in Asia

Gallery of Asian Railways

・中国 / China

pacina  SL

(左)蒸気機関車陳列館で保存されていた旧満鉄のパシナ 1991年7月撮影:蘇家屯
(右)SL牽引の普通列車 1991年7月撮影:瀋陽
(left)The Pashina (Pacific-7) type, preserved at the Steam Loco Museum. Photo at Sujiatun in Aug, 1994
(right) A local train hauled by Steam Loco. Photo at Shenyang in Aug, 1994

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(左)北京発モスクワ行き国際列車のサボ。 1991年7月撮影
(left)A destination sign of Beijing-Moscow international train. Photo in Jul, 1991.
(right)A destination sign of Beijing-Pyongyang international train. Photo in Jul, 2000.


Tram car in Dalian. Old type car, imported from Japan before the World War II, survived in 21th century. Photo in Jul, 2000.

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