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思い出の列車たち Trains in memory

Gallery of abolished railways and retired trainsets

・廃止された鉄道(西日本) / Abolished Railway lines(West Japan)

名古屋鉄道600V線区 / Nagoya Railroad 600 volts lines

510  755
600  870

(上左)1993年12月撮影:黒野  (上右)1993年12月撮影:谷汲
(下左)1991年12月撮影:上芥見 (下右)1993年7月撮影:梅林
Nagoya Railroad operated many lines electrified with 600 volt DC in Gifu region, but all of them were abolished by 2005.
(upper left)Photo at Kurono in Dec, 1993 (upper right) Photo at Tanigumi in Dec, 1993
(lower left)Photo at Kami-Akutami in Dec, 1993 (lower right) Photo at Umebayashi in Dec, 1993

野上電気鉄道 / Nogami Electric Railway

13  24

(左)デ13 (1989年3月撮影:日方) (右)旧阪神のモハ24 (1989年3月撮影:連絡口)
A Local railway located in Wakayama Prefecture. Abolished in 1994 as subsidiary was cut.
(left)EMU De13 Photo at Hikata in Mar, 1989 (right) EMU Moha24 Photo at Renraku-guchi in Mar, 1989

有田鉄道 / Arida Railway


(左)藤並と金屋口にて2000年9月撮影 (右)終着駅の金屋口駅 (2000年9月撮影)
Operation was only on weekdays in the last days. Abolished in 2003.
(left)Filmed in Sep, 2000 at Fujinami and Kanayaguchi
(right) Kanayaguchi, the terminus. Photo in Sep, 2000

三木鉄道 / Miki Railway


ミキ180形 (2000年5月撮影:西這田)
A Local railway located in Hyogo Prefecture. Abolished in 2000 as Kobe Electric Railway provides shorter route to Kobe.
Single diesel car Miki180 type. Photo at Nishi-Houda in May, 2000

同和鉱業片上鉄道 / Dowa Mining Katakami Railway

dd13  24

(左)客車2両と気動車1両を牽引するDD13-551 (1989年3月撮影:和気) (右)キハ312 (1989年3月撮影:和気)
A Local railway located in Okayama Prefecture. Abolished in 1991, however most of rolling stocks are preserved in active condition.
(left)DD13-551 hauling 2 coaches and 1 DMU. Photo at Wake in Mar, 1989
(right) DMU Kiha312 Photo at Wake in Mar, 1989

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