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ナロー鉄道 Narrow gauge railways

Gallery of small narrow gauge raiwlays in Japan. Though most of Japanese railways including JR lines using narrow gauge of 3ft 6inch, below mentioned railways use gauges less than 3'6".

・産業用 Industrial Narrow Gauge Trains

日鉄鉱業 尻屋鉱業所 / Nittetsu Mining, Shiriya Mining site

shiriya a  shiriya b

Limestone was carried by shuttle train to the pier, but it was replaced by belt conveyors. Photo in Jul, 1997.

日本粘土鉱業 / The Nippon Clay Mining

clay a  clay b

The locomotive is powered by Hydrauric Motor. Operation ceased in 1996. Photo in Jul, 1997.

栃原金山 / Tochihara Gold Mine

tochihara a  tochihara b

The mine was open to visitors with admission fee, but operation ceased in early 2000's. Photo in Jan, 1995.

立山砂防軌道 / Tateyama Sabo Erosion Control Works Service

DL  17

Participated in a study tour to ride the train with 2 ft (610 mm) narrow gauge. Filmed on 1 Sep, 1999.
(lower left) A freight train ran in reverse direction. (lower right) 17 tiers of Zig Zag.

関西電力 黒部専用軌道 / Kansai Electric Power Company Kurobe dedicated line

kurobe a  kurobe b
kurobe c  kurobe d

This railway is constructed for building and maintainance of underground hydraulic power station at Kurobe River. The construction was difficult due to high temperature. It is cooled off now, but special heat-resistant coach is used. This railway is not open for public, but organized tour is offered periodically. Photo in Jun, 2001.

松本建設 / Matsumoto Construction

matsumoto a  matsumoto b
matsumoto c  matsumoto d

(下右)橋の奥にはガソリン機関車も (1993年6月撮影)
This rail was for transporting lumber, disappeared due to extension of road.
(upper right) Lumber and locomotive.
(upper left) Track alongside of a road
(lower right) A locomotive on the bridge.
(lower left) A gasolie locomotive was sitting over the bridge. Photo in Jun, 1993.

明延鉱山 / Akenobe Mine

akenobe a  akenobe b
akenobe c  akenobe d

(上右)あかがね号 前後の車輪の大きさが異なる珍車
(下左)くろがね号 機関車に牽引されるタイプ
(下右)くろがね号の車内 (1994年10月撮影)
Akenobe was a metal mine. Visitors were admitted to ride the railway, however it was abolished in 1985.
(upper right) The "Akagane". The size of front and rear wheels are different!
(upper left) The "Shirogane".
(lower right) The "Kurogane". A coach hauled by a locomotive.
(lower left) The interior of the "Kurogane" Photo in Oct, 1994.

天草の陶石鉱山 / Clay Mines in Amakusa

amakusa a  amakusa b

There are some railways to carry clay stone in Amakusa area. Photo in Dec, 1997.

屋久島の森林鉄道 / Yakushima Forestry railway


The track of Yakushima Forestry railway is used for the trail of Mountaineering at upstream section. Filmed in July, 2001.

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