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アールヌーボー建築 "Art Nouveau" architectures

Tour for Architectures of "Art Nouveau" with curved lines inspired from plants.

・オランダ アムステルダム / Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Spaarndammerplantsoen 140, Amsterdam
集合住宅ヘット・シップ。ミシェル=デ=クレルク設計 2007年1月撮影
(下左)公開されているモデルルーム Apartment complex "Het Schip", designed by Michel de Klerk. Photo in Dec, 2006
(upper left)The corner inspired from a village plaza. (upper right) curving brick work.
(center left) The corner of museum, ex-PTT office. (center right) Telephone room
(lower left) A model room open to public.

・オランダ ロッテルダム / Rotterdam, The Netherland


Schiedamsesingel 161, Centrum, Rotterdam
The "Art Nouveau" architectures can be seen on the street of Schiedamsesingel in Rotterdam.


Wijnhaven 3, Centrum, Rotterdam
Het Witte Huis (ホワイトハウスの意)は10階建てのビルで、建築当時は欧州で最高層のオフィスビルでした。
Het Witte Huis (The White House) is a 10-storey building, and it was the tallest office building in Europe when build.
This is one of the few building in Central Rotterdam which survived from German bombing in World War II.

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