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国境コレクション Border Collections

Gallery of Borders where I visited.

・香港-中国本土 / Hong Kong - Mainland China

沙頭角 / Sha Tau Kok

During "The Cold War" period, the boundary between British Hong Kong and Peoples Republic of China was a part of "Iron Curtain", and entry of boundary was strictly restricted due to military reason. After Hong Kong's hand-over to PRC, the policy of boundary control has been maintained due to immigration and customs reason under different solical systems. Some restricted area was opened to publicaccess on 15th Feb, 2012, however, the access to Sha Tau Kok town located at the east end of the boundary is still permitted only for local residents.

(右) 旧石涌凹検査站から沙頭角検査站までのバスの車窓。九龍バス78K系統。
(left) Former Shek Chung Au check point, abolished on 15th Feb, 2012. Dismantling sign posts. 18/Feb/2012
(right) View from KMB bus 78K from Shek Chung Aug to Sha Tau Kok Check point.


(右) 出入国事務所へも歩いては行けない。
(upper left) Sha Tau Kok Check Point. Access is restricted beyond this point.
(upper right) Can not walk through to Immigration office neither.


(右) 鉄条網の看板。
(left) Sha Tau Kok town is surrounded by fences.
(right) Notice on the fence.


Ha Tam SHui Hang village, newly opened for public access.

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