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ヨーロッパの小国たち European Microstates

Gallery of European Microstates.

・マルタ騎士団 Sovereign Military Order of Malta

Sovereign Military Order of Malta lost its territory, however, locate its headquarter in Rome, has diplomatic relationships with more than 100 countries and a permanent observer status at the United Nations is granted.

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(左) マルタ騎士団本部。1階はエルメスのブティックだった。 2006年5月撮影
(右) 中庭にある騎士団の紋章 2006年5月撮影
(Left) Headquarter of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. Ground floor was a boutique of Hermes. Photo in May, 2006
(Right) Coat of Arms of the Knights in the courtyard. Photo in May, 2006

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