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宗教パワースポット Religious power spots

My original selection of religious power spots in Japan.

・南朝の末裔 Decendant of secret Emperor

The Southern Court of Japanese Emperor existed until 1392, but it was parmanently replaced by the Northern Court. Decendant of Servants for the Southern Court gather on 5th of February annually, and hold a ceremony to commemorate Jitenno, the last leader of the Southern Court.

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(Left)Kongo-ji Temple in Nara surrounded by deep mountains, where the ceremony is held.
(Right)The treasure house surrounded by curtains with the coat of arms, The Chrysanthemum Throne is painted.

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Ceremony scene.

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(右)瀧川寺に伝わる神器「草薙の剣」。 何れも2000年2月撮影
(Left)Ryuzen-ji Temple is said to be the Palace of Jitenno, where his life ended.
(Right)The sword said to be the regalia "Kusanagi no Tsurugi" kept at Ryuzen-ji Temple. All Photo in Feb, 2000.

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