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日本の小島めぐり Small Islands in Japan

・舳倉島 Hegura-jima Island

Isolated Island in the Sea of Japan, attracting fishing and birdwatching.

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(upper Left)The position of Hegura-jima Island.
(upper Right)The only transportation approaching to Hegura-jima Island is this daily liner boat from Wajima.
(lower Left)Overview of Hegura-jima fishery Harbour.
(lower Right)Police station is closed in winter season. All Photo in Dec, 1999.

・友ヶ島 Tomoga-shima Island

Located at the entrance of Osaka bay, this island was a military strategic point. Now visitors come for camping and swimming.

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(upper Left)The position of Tomoga-shima Island.
(upper Right)A liner boat arrived to the pier of Tomoga-shima Island.
(lower Left)Sign posts of National Park.
(lower Right)The ruin of gun battery. All Photo in Sep, 2000.

・由布島 Yubu-jima Island

An island of Yae-Yama Islands in Okinawa. This island is uninhabited due to serios typhoon in 1969, and developed as a subtropical botanical garden for tourists.

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(upper Left)The position of Yubu-jima Island.
(upper Right)The only transportation approaching to Yubu-jima is water buffalo cart from Iriomote-jima Island.
(lower Left)Now, Yubu-jima is subtropical botanical garden.
(lower Right)Electoricity cross over the channel. All Photo in Mar, 2011.

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