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日本の中のオランダ Nederland in Japan

Gallery of Nederland in Japan.

The Netherlands was the only window for Japan, which opened to Western world in Edo era, 17th to mid-19th Centuries. Searching some Dutch items in Japan.

・長崎のオランダ Nederland in Nagasaki

dejima  dejima stone
miniature  captains room

(上左)出島の現在の様子 (上右)出島の石碑
(下左)出島のミニチュア (下右)商館長の部屋
"Dejima (Decima)" was an artificial island in Nagasaki where Duch were allowed to station, and Dutch East India Company (VOC: Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie) placed its office there. Nowadays, Dejima is surrounded by modern buildings, but most of the site is restored as much as original condition.
(upper left)Dejima nowadays (upper right) The stone monument of Dejima
(lower left)Miniature of Dejima (lower right) The restored Captain's room


This steep slope in Nagasaki City is named as "Oranda (Holland) Slope".

huis ten bosch1  huis ten bosch2
huis ten bosch3  huis ten bosch4
A Dutch town is copied completely in a theme park in Nagasaki, where the Netherlands had relationship historically. The name "Huis Ten Bosch" means "House in the forest" in Ductch, and it is named after the Huis Ten Bosch Palace in the Hauge.

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