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日本の中のオランダ Nederland in Japan

Gallery of Nederland in Japan.

The Netherlands was the only window for Japan, which opened to Western world in Edo era, 17th to mid-19th Centuries. Searching some Dutch items in Japan.

・東京のオランダ Nederland in Tokyo

The first Duch people visited to Japan in 1600 by the ship "De Liefde" via Strait of Magellan. This wooden statue was put at the stern of the ship. This is a statue of D.Erasums, the Dutch Renaissance humanist, preserved at National Museum in Tokyo, and sometimes displayed to public. Photo in Oct, 2008.


ヤン・ヨーステンはリーフデ号に乗船していた17世紀の航海士で、日本に漂着後は貿易顧問として将軍に仕えた。東京駅近辺の地名、八重洲は彼にちなんだものであり、レリーフが残る。 2008年6月撮影
Jan Joosten was a Dutch Navigation officer in the 17th Century, who embarked on the "De Liefde". After his arrival to Japan, He served under the Japanese Shogun as a trade adviser. The town name of "Yaesu" near Tokyo railway station is named after him, and a relief tells the story. Photo in Jun, 2008.

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